Scholarships, research funding opportunities, prizes, grants

Grants and funding are available from numerous sources on and off campus to help graduates meet the costs associated with their research. The most common sources are listed below.

More detailed information, as well as less common funding opportunities, can be found on the Culture and Communication scholarships web page. The School also offers its own Research and Graduate Studies Scheme (RAGS).

Faculty of Arts travel and fieldwork funding for research students

The Faculty of Arts offers two main funding schemes and a variety of other more specific scholarships:

  • Graduate Research in Arts Travel Scheme (GRATS)
    GRATS offers assistance with accommodation and/or travel costs of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) students in the Faculty of Arts undertaking research and/or presenting at a conference.
  • PhD Fieldwork Grant Scheme
    The PhD Fieldwork Grant Scheme requires that you submit a proposed fieldwork program (not an application) to the Advisory Committee Panel at the time of Confirmation of Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) Candidature, or, concurrently with an application for conversion from Master's to confirmed Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) candidature.

Please note: You cannot apply for both GRATS and Fieldwork funding to support the same research trip, but you can apply for both during your candidature. Most PhD students plan to combine the Research and Graduate Studies Scheme (RAGS) and GRATS funding to support a major research trip.

GRATS and Fieldwork application process

Please submit your GRATS applications to the Graduate Research Administrator. You will notice on the application that a School THEMIS account and a signature from the Head of School are required. It is the Graduate Research Administrator's job to complete this for you. You do not need to approach the Head of School yourself. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Complete the RAGS funding application to apply for the 'department contribution' for your GRATS application (the minimum amount is $250). If you are applying for the first time, or if your address or banking details have changed since the last payment, make sure that you complete an F05 Application for student supplier form
  2. Complete the GRATS application form and Budget Proforma. These are quite detailed so make sure you leave plenty of time to get the application together prior to the deadline
  3. Complete your Leave to Study Away form through the Student portal
  4. Submit your completed RAGS and GRATS application to the Graduate Research Administrator. Make sure it includes everything on the checklist. The Graduate Research Administrator will add the THEMIS account number, get the Head of School's signature and send it to the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Melbourne Scholarships travelling scholarships

For a more extensive listing of travelling scholarships please see the Scholarships website.


For more information regarding faculty scholarships, please see the Faculty of Arts Scholarship and Prizes web page.