Global dimension of
Cultural Entrepreneurship: International Inspirations Making Local Impact

Public lecture series

The lecture series features three successful cultural start-ups that gained their main ideas and inspirations from international travels and cross-cultural engagements.

The series exposes how local communities in different countries become increasingly hyperconnected through global circulations of cultural and economic capital via digital and material flows. The lecture series will culminate with a Digital Performance, co-organised and curated by graduate students from the Master of Arts and Cultural Management program.

From Living Behind a Milkbar to UNESCO

Date: Monday 7 May, 2018 6.30 - 7.30pm
Location: Building 220, the University of Melbourne
780 Elizabeth Street, Room 110 (First floor), Melbourne, VIC 3004
Expo: Ancestry Atlas, Mapping Cultural Diversity
Presenter: Peter Mousaferiadis, founder and CEO of Cultural Infusion

In his presentation Peter Mousaferiadis will share the story of Cultural Infusion, local cultural company that has developed global connections and achieved an international recognition. Mousaferiadis will discuss his origins from playing clarinet in his parent’s milkbar in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne to becoming an international traveller, cultural entrepreneur and collaborator with the leading international cultural organisations, such as UNESCO. The presentation will expose his personal and institutional pathway to success focusing on key milestones, exciting travels and a range of cross-cultural projects.

For more information please see the From Living Behind a Milkbar to UNESCO web page.

Experience like a local: Developing the world's first artificial intelligence guide for museums

Date: Monday 14 May, 2018 6.30 - 7.30pm
Location: Building 220, The University of Melbourne
780 Elizabeth Street, Room 110 (First floor), Melbourne, VIC 3004
Expo: Maggie App, Exploring ACMI in Chinese
Presenter: Robin Hao, founder and CEO of MagicPi

The presentation will be delivered in Chinese with synchronous translation in English.

In his presentation Robin Hao will share the story of MagicPi, Melbourne-based creative tech start-up that employs new technologies in linguistic artificial intelligence (AI) to advance visitor services of contemporary arts and cultural organizations. MagicPi delivers mobile applications for museum visitors that use natural language recognition, automatic search and machine learning to support language equity in a foreign environment.

For more information please see the Experience like a local web page.

Cross culture empathy is still a long way to come and Facebook might not cut it for the job. Could live interactivity help?

Date: Monday 21 May 2018 at 6.30pm
Location: Building 199, the University of Melbourne
757 Swanston Street, The Open Stage, Melbourne, VIC 3052
Digital Performance:
Culture Now: Nice to Connect With You
Presenter: Iulian Stefanica, Co-founder and CEO of Stoneclap

In his presentation Iulian Stefanica will share the story of Stoneclap, a cultural start-up that proposes a new model for live music consumption. The development of Stoneclap initiates a new epoch in the live music industry. It employs digital technologies to cross physical, cultural and political boundaries and creates virtual spaces for live interaction between audiences and artists located in different parts of the world. Fore more information please see the Cross culture empathy web page.

The lecture will be followed by a Digital Performance that will allow attendants to experience new cultural practices enabled by digital technologies. Fore more information please see the Culture Now web page.

Banner image: © CC Panorama Melbourne CBD
License: Michael Scott