Information for current honours students, including School contacts.

Study in any of our fourth year disciplines as either an Honours or Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) student is a richly rewarding experience. It provides scope to refine your analytical skills and research techniques while significantly enhancing your range of options after graduation. Employers value a fourth year of study at this level, and it provides an important step in pursuing further study at Masters or Doctoral level. It signals your ability to acquire advanced skills of analysis, to develop original ideas, and to apply innovative solutions to complex problems.

Details of prerequisites and application procedure for Honours and Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) in The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies:

General honours information

For general information on eligibility, entry requirements, application procedures, and course structure, see the Study website:

The final decision to accept a student into the program is conditional upon the suitability of the honours thesis proposal.

General Graduate Diploma in Arts information

For general information on eligibility, entry requirements, application procedures, and course structure, see the GDA-ARTS Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) Handbook entry.

Classics and Ancient World Studies

  • Ancient World Studies Honours/Graduate Diploma coordinator: Dr Edward Jeremiah
  • Classics Honours/Graduate Diploma coordinator: Dr K.O. Chong-Gossard


The History honours year is very different from the undergraduate program: it is considerably more challenging, and also more rewarding. In seminars with a small cohort of engaged and highly motivated students, you will explore history as a craft and a profession, sampling an exciting range of approaches and topics. Under the one-on-one guidance of an experienced and dedicated academic, you will write a thesis that makes an original contribution to historical knowledge. At the end of the year you will emerge from the experience with confidence and an unparalleled sense of achievement, as well as marketable skills in research, critical analysis, and argumentation.

Please note: Admission requires

  1. A 75 GPA across the student's best six level 2/3 subjects in the History major, always including Making History and at least two other level 3 subjects
  2. A 70 GPA across the entire BA
  3. A suitable thesis proposal; and
  4. The availability of an appropriate supervisor. For questions about developing a thesis proposal, please write to the Honours Coordinator

History thesis

More detailed information about the History thesis is available on the History Thesis LMS site accessible to all honours and graduate diploma students once they enrol in the History Thesis

  • Honours/Graduate Diploma coordinator: Dr Julia Bowes

History and Philosophy of Science

  • More information about the History and Philosophy of Science thesis is available in the Handbook
  • Honours/Graduate Diploma coordinator: Dr Kristian Camilleri


Studying Philosophy at honours level, or through a graduate diploma, represents an excellent opportunity to take your academic development beyond a level attainable in the first three years of undergraduate study. Advanced work in philosophy further advances your skills of reasoning and critical analysis, in ways that are valuable to employers. The focus on writing longer pieces of work, in particular the thesis component, also makes for an intellectually rewarding experience, one in which you are granted greater intellectual autonomy than you will have experienced before, including a greater opportunity to pursue your own ideas.

  • Honours/Graduate Diploma coordinator: A/Prof Daniel Halliday