Philosophy subjects


PHIL20045 Freedom and Equality Across Borders Dr Holly Lawford-Smith 2 21 January - 7 February

Semester 1

PHIL10002 Philosophy: The Big Questions Dr Garry Young 1
PHIL20008 Ethical Theory Assoc. Professor Karen Jones 2
PHIL20033 The Philosophy of Mind Dr Laura Schroeter 2
PHIL20038 Nietzsche and Critics Dr Andrew Inkpin 2
PHIL20039 The Nature of Reality Dr Dana Goswick 2
PHIL20043 History of Early Modern Philosophy Professor Margaret Cameron 2
PHIL30016 Knowledge and Reality Assoc. Professor Howard Sankey 3
PHIL30024 The Foundations of Interpretation Dr François Schroeter 3
PHIL30043 The Power and Limits of Logic Professor Greg Restall 3
PHIL30053 Philosophy of Language Dr Laura Schroeter 3
PHIL30054 The Metaphysics of Ethics Dr Holly Lawford-Smith  


PHIL20046 Feminism Dr Holly Lawford-Smith 2 6  July - 24 July

Semester 2

PHIL10003 Philosophy: The Great Thinkers Klaus Jahn 1
PHIL20001 Science Reason and Reality Assoc. Professor Howard Sankey 2
PHIL20030 Logical Methods Professor Greg Restall 2
PHIL20040 Greek Philosophy Dr Emily Hulme Kozey 2
PHIL20041 Phenomenology and Existentialism Dr Andrew Inkpin Not offered 2020
PHIL20044 The Ethics of Capitalism Dr Dan Halliday 2
PHIL30007 The Philosophy of Philosophy Dr François Schroeter 3
PHIL30047 Objectivity and Value Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 3
PHIL30052 Race and Gender - Philosophical Issues Assoc. Professor Karen Jones 3

Honours / Level 4

PHIL40002 Recent European Philosophy Dr Andrew Inkpin 1
PHIL40013 Uncertainty, Vagueness and Disagreement Professor Greg Restall 1
PHIL40017 Early Modern Philosophy Klaus Jahn 1
PHIL40020 Reading and Writing Philosophy Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 1
PHIL40004 Value Theory Professor Graham Priest 13 July - 25 July
PHIL40003 Topics in Moral Psychology Assoc. Professor Karen Jones 2
PHIL40005 Topics in Metaphysics Dr Dana Goswick 2
PHIL40007 Philosophy of Language and Mind Dr Laura Schroeter 2
PHIL40018 Topics in Contemporary Epistemology Assoc. Professor Howard Sankey 2


PHIL90004 Ethical Theory and Practice Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 1
PHIL90010 Global Justice Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 1
PHIL90032 Inequality and Public Policy Andrew Alexandra 1
PHIL90009 Violence, War and Terrorism Dr Garry Young Not offered in 2020
PHIL90025 Issues in Bioethics Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner Not offered in 2020
PHIL90027 The Moral Limits of Markets Dr Dan Halliday Not offered in 2020
PHIL90029 Climate Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas Dr Holly Lawford-Smith Not offered in 2020
PHIL90041 The Ethics of Gaming Dr Garry Young Not offered in 2020