If you encounter difficulties in keeping to your timetable, see your tutor immediately. Usually, discussion with your tutor will help you remove impediments and enable you to complete the paper on time. In the event of unusual hardship, extensions may be granted, but documentation (for example, a medical certificate) is required. Application for Extension forms can be found on the Undergraduate web page and should be submitted to the subject coordinator before the due date.

Penalty for late work

You must submit all assessment pieces as a hurdle requirement for the subject. Please ensure you are available for the entirety of the exam period. Please also note the Faculty regulations regarding the late submission of work without a pre-arranged extension. If your work is late, the following penalties apply:

  • Deduction of ten percent for up to five consecutive days from the due date
  • After five consecutive days from the due date, assessment will not be accepted. All assessment pieces must be submitted using the 'Turnitin' links on the Assessment submission link in the left-hand menu bar

Should you need an extension, you will need to fill out a form and submit it to the subject coordinator for approval BEFORE your essay is due. A copy of the extension form can be found on the Undergraduate web page.

Please note: the subject coordinator can only approve extensions up to a period of 10 days

If for reasons of health, family circumstances or emotional disturbances, you require a longer extension, then you will need to apply to the Faculty for Special Consideration. Guidelines on how to apply can be found on the Student Special Consideration web page.

Please note: your application for Special Consideration must be made within three days of the due date of the assignment, otherwise it will not usually be considered