Technology and Contemporary Life

Is technology creating a better world, or not? What future do we face in pharmaceuticals, robotics, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, artificial life, genetic engineering, and other emerging technologies?

Shadow Dexterous Robot Hand holding a lightbulb' by Richard Greenhill and Hugo Elias of the Shadow Robot CompanyDrawing on a range of philosophical approaches to technology, podcast lectures and online readings will provide the groundwork for discussing contemporary questions. Can technologies be held morally accountable for their actions? Does technology drive contemporary life, or does contemporary life drive technology? Are humans already cyborgs?

Lecture topics include techno-utopian and dystopian visions; ethics and biomedical technologies; cybernetics, cyberspace, cyborgs and other 'cybers'; social networking systems; artificial intelligence; technology and crime; virtual reality; technology and the economy; privacy and surveillance; digital commemoration of death; and technology and contemporary media.

Come and engage in lively and informed debates about technology, society, and their complex relationships. Fore more information please visit the University Handbook.

Technology and Contemporary Life (HPSC20009) Handbook entry