Australian Mothering in Contemporary and Historical Perspective Symposium

photo mother and child

Room 553, North Wing, Arts West Building, The University of Melbourne


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Carla Pascoe

Join us for a stimulating symposium exploring how being a mother has evolved in Australian history - and the joys and challenges experienced by today's mothers. Over two days you will hear from some of Australia's leading experts in maternal studies including Petra Bueskens, Bettina Cass, Monica Campo, Lyn Craig, Tanya Evans, Patricia Grimshaw, Jennifer Hocking, Kate Johnson-Ataata, Catherine Kevin, Renata Kokanovic, Marilyn Lake, Karen Lane, Anne Manne, Paula A. Michaels, Carla Pascoe, Barbara Pocock, Kerreen Reiger, Julie Stephens, Shurlee Swain, and Alistair Thomson.

Engage with these researchers as they report their latest findings across a range of topics including maternalist politics; childbirth; breastfeeding; emotional responses to parenting; the economic impacts of motherhood; the changing role of fathers; childcare; domestic violence; and mothers' work. If you are interested in the changing role of mothers in Australian society from an academic or policy perspective, this symposium will offer opportunities to deepen your understanding.

Image Credit: Museums Victoria