Diversity Week 2019 - Wrap up

2019 Theme: Proud to belong - Your Generation Your Stories

Last week was jam packed with exciting events, from Afro-Cuban interactive dance and film performance, keynote by LGBTIQ and Disability Activist Jax Jackie Brown at the VCA to an engaging a thought-provoking Wurundjeri History Workshop with elder Bill Nicholson. It being Diversity Week in the Faculty of Arts UMSU people of colour also ran plenty of events in keeping with the theme, including Black Panther film screening, cultural games and talks from Dr Yassir Morsi, Lisa Tran and Ami Pasricha on Super Diversity and Diversity in Education as well as a Diversity Reading group session.

Diversity Week 2019 bought together students from across faculties and year levels who participated these events across the week embraced our diversity on campus and helped to create a community where everyone is proud to belong.

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Kicking off Diversity Week on Monday 18 March was the Afro-Cuban performance Ashé. Ashé is a key principal of Cuba's African heritage, encompassing a philosophy of human symbiosis with nature.

The performance of "I am Ashé" is a collaboration between the Suns of Mercury ensemble, music specialist Daniel Jauregui, videographer Luis Gaitán (Arts eTeaching), anthropologist Adrian Hearn (Faculty of Arts), director Jaime Wilson, and dancers Adrian Medina and Heidy Batista.

I will leave you now with a snapshot of the performance.

Diversity Week, I am Ashe

A full list of Diversity Week 2019 events can be found via the UMSU People of Colour web page and the Faculty of Arts Diversity website.