The Hansen Trust

The Hansen Trust has been established, in perpetuity, to transform the teaching of History at The University of Melbourne.

The Trust aims to develop and instil a passion for history within students and the broader community, to deepen student engagement with their learning, to emphasise the importance of this field of study, and to support a range of initiatives in the Faculty of Arts to build excellence and innovation in teaching and learning programs.

The Trust supports:

  • An endowed professorship in the field of History called The Hansen Chair in History
  • A five-year senior lectureship in the field of History called The Hansen Senior Lecturer in History
  • 3 five-year lectureships in the field of History called The Hansen Lecturers in History
  • One or more annual scholarships for students who are undertaking a PhD in history called the Hansen Scholarship

The Trust aims also to promote appreciation of the lifelong value and relevance of an education in History, and to nurture a passion for History in the broader community by raising the public visibility of History education.

Details of lectureships