Re-Orienting Ancient Near-Eastern Studies


Re-Orienting Ancient Near-Eastern Studies

The Forum Theatre 153, Level 1
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An Event in Honour of Emeritus Professor Tony (Antonio) Sagona.

An emerging shift in the field of Ancient Near Eastern Studies has seen a change of geographical emphasis away from more traditional areas of study to places that were previously misinterpreted as less significant peripheries. In this context, Tony Sagona’s early and enduring focus on Eastern Turkey and the Southern Caucasus now seems especially prescient. This event is a celebration of Tony’s outstanding career and of his legacy, which is reflected in the University of Melbourne’s continuing work on the frontiers of his discipline.


  • Associate Professor Andrew Jamieson
    Associate Professor Andrew Jamieson, Associate Professor in Near Eastern Archaeology, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies
  • Dr Claudia Sagona
    Dr Claudia Sagona, Honorary Principal Fellow in the Classics and Archaeology program, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies
  • Dr Catherine Longford
    Dr Catherine Longford, Research Associate Archaeobotanist
  • Dr Hyun Jin Kim
    Dr Hyun Jin Kim, Senior Lecturer in Classics, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies
  • Professor Chris Mackie
    Professor Chris Mackie, Professor, Mediterranean Studies
  • Professor Barbara Helwing
    Professor Barbara Helwing, Edwin Cuthbert Hall Chair in Middle Eastern Archaeology
  • Professor Marcella Frangipane
    Professor Marcella Frangipane, Full Professor of Archaeology (Prehistory)