Space and Bodies, Walls and String

Free Public Lecture

Space and Bodies, Walls and String

Fritz Loewe Theatre
McCoy Building
Cnr Elgin and Swanston Streets, Carlton


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Like walls, string figures delineate space. Unlike walls, string figures are easily manipulated.

The 2019 SHAPS Public Lecture Series will explore the theme of ‘Walls’— the walls we build to exclude and contain the Other, to control the movement of people, bodies, information, capital, ideas. Speakers will approach the theme from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, we look at the historical rise and fall of walls; we examine the wall as a metaphor for organising space and societies; we look at walls visible and invisible, physical and mental; and at the histories of movements to destroy walls, and to imagine and create alternatives to walls.

The series opens with reflections by the internationally renowned textile conservator, Dinah Eastop, on the transformative properties of different materials and media for delineating space. Dr Eastop will discuss how spaces and bodies interact, through an exploration of Haddon’s string figures: a collection of ‘cat’s cradles’ gathered in the Torres Strait by anthropologist A. C. Haddon and acquired by the British Museum in 1889.

Image: Dr Dinah Eastop


  • Dr Dinah Eastop
    Dr Dinah Eastop, Honorary Lecturer, Institute of Archaeology, UCL. Founding Director of the AHRC Research Centre for Textile Conservation and Textile Studies