Ancient Roman Reenactment


Ancient Roman Reenactment

Ancient Roman Reenactors Victoria are coming to the University of Melbourne with a living history display and demonstration of Ancient Rome.

Experience a military exhibition, showcasing Roman military kit and equipment. Students will be encouraged to don armour and helmets to experience what it was like to dress like a member of a Roman legion. Students will also be able to see in vivid colour the vibrant clothing worn by female citizens of Rome and the noble toga of the senator.

Explore Roman engineering, from the A-Frame crane used to lift heavy objects, or the ballista and onager used to soften the enemy. Find out how Roman engineering contributed to the success of the Roman Empire.

Led by Centurion Calvus, the marching legion X Fretensis will display the might of the Roman military. This exciting demonstration will showcase the discipline and battle tactics that were successfully used to conquer the known world.