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Fragments of Hell: Israeli Holocaust Literature

Abramovich, Dvir. Fragments of Hell: Israeli Holocaust Literature. Academic Studies Press, 2019

In this compelling and engaging book, Dvir Abramovich introduces readers to several landmark novels, poems and stories that have become classics in the Israeli Holocaust canon. Discussed are iconic writers such as Aharon Appelfeld, Dan Pagis, Etgar Keret, Yoram Kaniuk, Uri Tzvi Greenberg and Ka-Tzetnik, and their attempts to come to terms with the unprecedented trauma and its aftereffects. Scholarly, yet deeply accessible to both students and to the public, this illuminating volume offers a wide-ranging introduction to the intersection between literature and the Shoah, and the linguistic, stylistic and ethical difficulties inherent in representing this catastrophe in fiction. Exploring narratives by survivors and by those who wrote about the European genocide from a distance, each chapter contains a compassionate and thoughtful analysis of the author’s individual opus, accompanied by a comprehensive exploration of their biography and the major themes that underpin their corpus. The rich and sophisticated discussions and interpretations contained in this masterful set of essays are sure to become essential reading for those seeking to better understand the responses by Hebrew writers to the immense tragedy that befell their people. More information...


A Touch of Genius

Abramovich, Dvir. A Touch of Genius: Portraits and Literary Masterpieces. Hybrid Publishers, 2017

In a collection of passionate, sparkling essays, one of Australia's leading literary critics presents a fresh and exciting ode to Jewish fiction. Rescuing some brilliant texts from the dustbin of oblivion or from culture's short-memory, Abramovich, writing with affection and authority, offers gems of critical appreciation and in-depth discussion of masterpieces and iconic authors such as Nobel Prize Winner S.Y. Agnon, Israel's most celebrated living author Amos Oz, the mesmerising Paul Celan, the incomparable David Grossman, the extraordinary Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, the Israeli 'Agatha Christie', and the early pioneers of Hebrew letters. Sharing his lifetime joy of reading and engagement with the written word, and showcasing his scholarly erudition, Abramovich effortlessly muses on the nature of writing, and takes readers on an intellectual and philosophical journey through grand thematic landscapes such as memory, the Holocaust, identity, man's relationship with God, imagination, family, marriage death and suffering. A celebration and a tribute to old favourites, this delightful volume of reflections and meditations is sure to ignite a fire in the discerning readers' minds, and motivate them to go back to those classics with a renewed sense of excitement. More information...


Migration and belonging in an unpredictable era

Abramovich, Dvir. "Exiled Citizens: Holocaust remembrance in the first decade of Israeli statehood and the gradual shift in attitudes in the 1980s," in McConville, Chris (ed.,). HOPEFUL PLACES: Migration and belonging in an unpredictable era. Connor Court Publishing, 2015.

"Low income, poor education and related difficulties" diminish the lives of native-born and immigrant, and remain largely unaltered by an emphasis on cultural retention and national migration policy. Perhaps in the end, Gans's criterion remains the only useful measure of migration policy, and a sense of belonging; that regardless of official statements about multiculturalism or embrace of difference, and in the face of continued marginality, a successful settlement is one that survives as "by and large a good place to live". From the Introduction. More information...


Israel, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

Abramovich, Dvir. Flashpoints: Israel, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Hybrid Publishers, 2014

Never one to shy away from controversy, Abramovich's thought-provoking collection of essays and intelligent writings are sure to arouse heated discussion. Mercilessly tackling everything from Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic rants, The Holocaust, Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and the UN's anti-Israel stance, Flashpoints offers unique perspectives on Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Jewish world. Whether you agree with him or not, one thing is certain: Abramovich's pieces will lead you on a journey of exploration and reflection, challenging what many people hold true about topics that are as relevant today as ever. More information...