Classics and Archaeology

Research aspirations

Classics and Archaeology lie at the heart of the humanities and are positioned at the nexus between the arts and the sciences. Whereas it would be possible to live in a world without the humanities and, in turn, Classics and Archaeology, what a meaningless world it would be - bereft of memory, imagination, creativity, or any understanding of the cultural environment that has shaped all our lives. This is the programs simply stated relevance to contemporary life.

The ongoing core mission of the program is to explore what it is to be human. Its driving aspirations are threefold:

(a) To be relevant to the contemporary world

(b) To achieve excellence in research, teaching and learning

(c) To inspire the next generation of intellectual academic and global leaders and the community at large

Classics and Archaeology places great weight on research and in communicating the results to a range of audiences, including national and international networks of scholars as well as the general public. In driving research and in disseminating ideas, the course embraces both traditional means (lectures, publications and exhibitions) and new forms of technologies.

Every staff member who teaches this course cares deeply about the discipline. The academic staff of the program are eager to share their passion with others: sharing their knowledge with people who understand that humanities skills are skills for life and for the benefit of society as a whole. Their qualities as teachers and scholars are well attested. With enthusiasm, they continue to influence world leaders as well as scores of professionals and researchers, business and community leaders. This is a worthy goal that the program seeks to develop in the years ahead. We hope you can join us.