The History program's collective research examines the histories and transformations of society, religion, politics and culture in Australia, Asia, North America, North Africa, the Middle East and Europe, from the medieval period to today, utilizing disciplinary and interdisciplinary frameworks.

The program has well-established expertise in key areas including Australian History and Australian Studies; European History (in particular Italy, Germany, Russia, Irish Studies); Asian History (in particular China, India, Indonesia); American History; and histories of North Africa, the British West Indies, the British Empire and the Atlantic World. There is also established expertise in approaches to the study of the past that cut across geographical and national boundaries, including transnational and international histories, historical memory and commemoration, cultural heritage, the histories of media and popular culture, and studies of war, diplomacy, social movements and Indigenous and human rights.

History research priorities

  1. The history of Australia and Australia in the World
  2. The National, International and Transnational History of Australasia, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle-East
  3. Ideas, emotions, memory, violence, media: expressive histories
  4. Space, place and things in time: empires and colonies, cities and regions, heritage and material culture