Classics and Archaeology

We maintain strong collaborative research outcomes with national and international stakeholders (currently in Belgium, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Syria, Turkey, USA).

Current research projects

James (KO) Chong-Gossard

  • Transformations of Terence: Ancient Drama, New Media, and Contemporary Reception
  • Public and private lies: retelling the clash of duty, power and sexual indulgence in the Roman imperial court

Louise A. Hitchcock

  • The Entangled Philistines: A New Narrative of Philistine Identity at Tell es-Safi/Gath
  • In the Wake of the Sea Peoples, In the Footsteps of Goliath: Excavating the Philistine Site of Tell es-Safi/Gath
  • From Minos to Menelaos: Uncovering palatial society in prehistoric Greece
  • One Cannot Export a Palace on Board a Ship: Aegean Influences and Affinities in Cypriot Late Bronze Age Architecture

Andrew Jamieson

  • Australian-Syrian Archaeological & Historical Research Collaboration Project
  • From the Field to the Repository: Criteria for Assessing Research Potential and Significance of Archaeological Collections

Hyun Jin Kim

  • Shifting Hegemonies From the Turco-Mongol Empires of Inner Asia to Western Europe
  • Ethnicity and Foreigners in Europe and Asia

Parshia Lee-Stecum

  • The Boundaries of Roman Ethnicity: An Examination of Elite Roman Ethno-Cultural Identity in the Late-Republican and Early Imperial Period (55 BCE-120 CE)

Current ARC projects

Discovery projects

Scripts without a stage: Roman comedy in the Early Italian Renaissance (2016-2025)
Dr Andrew Turner and Dr James (KO) Chong-Gossard

In the early Italian Renaissance at a time when theatrical infrastructure was still lacking, rapid advances in learning and technology helped scholars to show how the Latin plays, which had only survived as teaching texts, were in fact works to be performed, eventually leading to stage revivals. This project proposes to build on the successes of an Australian team working on the Roman playwright Terence, and demonstrate the importance of humanist scholars to intellectual history. It intends to utilise a range of historical resources, many only available in recent years through digitisation.

Classics and Archaeology past research projects