History and Philosophy of Science

Current research

Michael Arnold

  • High speed broadband and Australian home life
  • Digital commemoration
  • Digital Storytelling among young Aboriginals

James Bradley

  • Nervous System in the Nineteenth Century
  • Biography and history
  • Convicts and Transportation - continuing Founders and Survivors/convicts and diggers

Kristian Camilleri

  • History and philosophy of thought experiments in science
  • The string theory debates
  • Rethinking the doctrine of classical concepts
  • The physicist as philosopher: The shaping of an intellectual tradition, 1880-1960

Darrin Durant

  • Disputes between experts and publics
  • Nuclear waste management, nuclear power
  • Public policy and energy options
  • Climate change policy-making

Cordelia Fine

  • Gender
  • Moral psychology
  • Neuroethics (Feminist neuroscience)

Gerhard Wiesenfeldt

  • Early modern empiricism
  • Science and Naturphilosophie
  • Science at early modern universities
  • Scientists in Popular Movies
  • The visual culture of experiments

History and Philosophy of Science past research projects