Philosophy past research projects

Past Discovery projects

The Many Moral Rationalisms (2011-2014)

Dr François Schroeter, Dr Karen F Jones, Professor Michael A. Smith (Princeton)

This project addresses the foundations of morality. It contributes to our self-understanding by generating new insights into the objectivity of morality and into the role of reason and emotion in moral judgment.

Paraconsistent Foundations of Mathematics (2010-2013)

Greg Restall and Graham Priest

Egalitarian responses to Climate Change (2010-2013)

Jeremy Moss (with Garrett Cullity, Iwao Hirose, Simon Keller) Social Justice Initiative

ARC Future fellowships

ARC Future Fellowship: Self-control and the pathologies of agency (2011-2014)

Neil Levy Florey Neuroscience Institutes

ARC Future Fellowship: Climate Justice (2009-2013)

Jeremy Moss Social Justice Initiative

The one and the many: the path through contradiction (2008-2012)

Graham Priest

Two-dimensional semantics and the foundations of philosophy (2007-2012)

Laura Schroeter

Past Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) Discovery projects

Humanitarian intervention and the conflict between national and international responsibility (2010-2012)

Tony Coady

The responsibilities of the affluent to address global poverty (2009-2011)

Gerhard Overland (with Christian Barry and Thomas Pogge, ANU)