Graduate research funding

Grants and funding are available from numerous sources on and off campus to help Graduate Researchers meet the costs associated with their research. The most common sources are listed below.

Graduate researchers are encouraged to look broadly for alternative sources of funding. Further details including application forms and processes for each scheme are available via the links below.

School funding scheme

The School offers its own funding for Graduate researchers, the Research and Graduate Studies Scheme (RAGS). The scheme assists Graduate researchers within the School to enrich their research and candidature. The scheme covers:

  • Required School contribution to Faculty travel and fieldwork grants
  • Other research or fieldwork related expenses
  • Conference presentations

Graduate researchers need to responsibly manage their RAGS allocation, anticipating any future application that requires a school contribution and ensuring they have funding available.

Faculty funding schemes

The Faculty of Arts offers three main funding schemes and a variety of other scholarships:


Graduate researchers are responsible for mapping out their funding prospects early in candidature, taking into account the relative fieldwork expectations of their methodology/discipline and the opportunities to present at inter/national conferences. To assist with this planning, candidates should understand the following:

  • Graduate researchers in the Faculty will be eligible to receive funding from either the PhD Fieldwork Grant Scheme or the Graduate Research International Grant, but not both, during the candidature
  • Candidates cannot apply for more than one Faculty travel grant to support the same research trip, but can apply for more than one over the duration of their candidature
  • A School contribution is a mandatory requirement of each of the above Faculty travel grants, and Graduate researchers must ensure they have enough School funding available to allow any application

More information

More detailed information, as well as other funding opportunities, can be found on the Historical and Philosophical Studies scholarships web page

Student travel and transport policy

Graduate Researchers are required to adhere to the Student Travel and Transport Policy (MPF1209) for any research related travel. Applicants should refer to the policy, and other related information for guidance on Study Away applications and Travel Insurance