Research and Graduate Studies Scheme (RAGS)

Opening and closing dates and more information

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The SHAPS Research and Graduate Studies Scheme assists Graduate Researchers and Master of Cultural Materials Conservation students in the School to enrich their research and candidature. The scheme allows students to apply for assistance more than once per year, but will not be awarded more than the below amounts across the duration of their candidature. Amounts previously awarded under this fund will be taken into account.

Study areas

Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, Classics and Archaeology, Conservation, Hebrew Studies and Jewish Studies

What the funding covers

Required School contribution to Faculty travel and fieldwork grants

The SHAPS Research and Graduate Studies Scheme is generally used to support applications for Faculty travel schemes that require a School contribution. The required School contribution will be outlined on the application page for these schemes. You do not need to submit a RAGS application when applying for a contribution to a Faculty travel scheme.

Other research/fieldwork related expenses

A Graduate Researcher may seek assistance with the cost of travel to obtain material from libraries and/or archives that will substantially improve their thesis. Other external expenses that will be covered, but which must be directly related to research/fieldwork include:

  • Photocopying/printing expenses
  • Translation costs
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment/consumables essential for fieldwork research

Conference presentations

A candidate may seek assistance with the cost of travel to either an international or national conference on the condition that they are presenting a paper related to their research topic. Applicants applying for funding for presentation at a workshop or seminar must be able to clearly demonstrate that the workshop or seminar is significant for their field of research. The Scheme does not assist candidates in attending a conference without presenting a paper.

Please note: Students need to conserve their RAGS allocation in order to cover possible future applications since the School contribution does have to come out of the RAGS allocation.

For more information please visit the School's Graduate Research Funding web page.


  • MA by research students - $750 over their entire candidature
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) confirmed candidates - $1500 over their entire candidature


Graduate researchers

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) and Masters by Research (Thesis only or Advanced Seminar and Shorter Thesis) candidates must be confirmed prior to the release of Scholarship funds and the commencement of activity
  • An applicant may lodge more than one application during each year of their candidature however there is an upper limit to the amount of assistance any one student will receive during the period of their candidature
  • An applicant must have the written support of their principal supervisor or co-supervisor during the principal supervisor's absence
  • A Doctor of Philosophy (Arts) applicant must not have exceeded 3.5 years full time candidature (or equivalent part-time) and MA by research applicants must not have exceeded 18 months full time candidature (or equivalent part-time) since the commencement of their candidature

Masters by coursework students

  • Master of Cultural Materials Conservation students have up to $250 to claim for expenses related to the research component of their course ie equipment/thesis binding

Study away

  • Students undertaking travel for research must first apply to Study Away via the Graduate Research Study Away web page

Supervision and progress report arrangements

During approved Study Away periods research student enrolment continues as usual and progress reporting and submission dates do not alter. If a progress report due date falls in the period of Study Away, the candidate and supervisor should discuss how this university requirement would be met. Consider completing the report early, or completing it using Skype and email.

Candidates on Study Away for more than three months will need to have an external supervisor appointed who will be located where they will be undertaking their research.

Application process