Graduate research study spaces and other facilities

Offices for allocation

  • The School has a number of discipline-specific study spaces available for our students. You should contact your graduate research administrator regarding availability.

To get keys and to return them, email June McBeth or see her in the Main School Office.

Graduate researchers should be aware that there is often more demand for space than can be accommodated. If you are granted access to a study space, it is expected that you will make regular and consistent use of this space. If you are not using it regularly, you owe it to your fellow students to give up that study space so it can be made available to another student. This will not render you less eligible if you wish to apply for space again at a later date.

There are two rounds of applications for allocated workspaces each year. The call for applications is sent out via email to all currently enrolled graduate research students in the School. Make sure to check your university email account.

University study spaces

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Faculty of Arts

  • A variety of facilities are offered by the Graduate School including the RHD reading room, Arts Graduate Hall, a telephone conference room, reading group and seminar rooms and equipment for loan. For more information please visit the Faculty of Arts room booking web page.

The Graduate Centre

The Baillieu Library

  • A limited number of carrels are available to both Master of Arts and PhD candidates, while only PhD students may apply for the very limited number (21) of offices. Enquire at the Loans Desk in the Baillieu Library.


All student offices have computers for each person to use.

Photocopying and printing

There are photocopiers that are also the School printers situated on levels 4, 5 and 6 of the West Wing and level 6 of the North Wing in Arts West (Building 148) No pin is required.

Telephones and fax

There are telephones in the School for graduate research student use for internal and local calls in each office space. The fax is in the Print room next to the SHAPS Office, Arts West (Building 148). Administrative staff in the office can help.