History and Philosophy of Science subjects


HPSC20002 A History of Nature Dr John Wilkins 2 9 January - 23 January
HPSC20015 Astronomy in World History Dr Gerhard Wiesenfeldt 2 29 January - 13 February
HPSC30036 Forensic Science and the Law: a case study Dr James Bradley / Professor Joel Eigan 3 15 July - 26 July

Semester 1

HPSC10002 Science and Pseudoscience Dr Gerhard Wiesenfeldt 1
HPSC20009 Technology and Contemporary Life Assoc. Professor Michael Arnold 2
HPSC20020 God and the Natural Sciences Dr Kristian Camilleri 2
HPSC20023 Sex in Science Professor Cordelia Fine 2
HPSC30023 Science and Society Dr Darrin Durant 3
HPSC30034 Magic, Reason, New Worlds, 1450 - 1750 Dr Gerhard Wiesenfeldt 3
GEND30005 Gender Diversity in the Workplace Professor Cordelia Fine 3

Semester 2

HPSC10001 From Plato to Einstein Dr Kristian Camilleri 1
HPSC10003 Debating Science in Society TBA 1
HPSC20001 Darwinism: Evolution and Revolution Dr James Bradley 2
HPSC20022 Electricity: An Experimental History Dr Gerhard Wiesenfeldt 2
HPSC30019 Minds and Madness Dr James Bradley 3
HPSC30035 Scientific Practice and Human Inquiry Dr Kristian Camilleri 3

Honours / Level 4

HPSC40016 Historical Epistemology Dr Kristian Camilleri 1
HPSC90013 Science, Controversy and Public Policy Dr Darrin Durant 1
HPSC40018 HPS Thesis Part 1 Dr Kristian Camilleri 1 / 2
HPSC40019 HPS Thesis Part 2 Dr Kristian Camilleri 1 / 2
HPSC90012 Trust, Communication and Expertise Dr Darrin Durant 2


HPSC90013 Science, Controversy and Public Policy Dr Darrin Durant 1
HPSC90010 Environment and Knowledge Dr Darrin Durant 1
HPSC90012 Trust Comminication and Expertise Dr Darrin Durant 2


UNIB10002 Logic, Language and Information Professor Greg Restall 1
UNIB10003 An Ecological History of Humanity Dr James Bradley 1
UNIB10013 Catastrophes as Turning Points Dr Darrin Durant 2
UNIB10014 Body, Mind and Medicine: A Dissection Dr James Bradley Not offered in 2019

Arts Foundation and University Breadth subjects 2018