Philosophy subjects


PHIL20045 Freedom and Equality Across Borders Dr Holly Lawford-Smith 2 21 January - 7 February

Semseter 1

PHIL10002 Philosophy: The Big Questions Dr Garry Young 1
PHIL20008 Ethical Theory Assoc. Professor Karen Jones 2
PHIL20033 The Philosophy of Mind Dr Laura Schroeter 2
PHIL20038 Nietzsche and Critics Dr Andrew Inkpin 2
PHIL20039 The Nature of Reality Dr Dana Goswick 2
PHIL20043 History of Early Modern Philosophy Professor Margaret Cameron 2
PHIL30016 Knowledge and Reality Assoc. Professor Howard Sankey 3
PHIL30024 The Foundations of Interpretation Dr François Schroeter 3
PHIL30043 The Power and Limits of Logic Professor Greg Restall 3
PHIL30053 Philosophy of Language Dr Laura Schroeter 3
PHIL30054 The Metaphysics of Ethics Dr Holly Lawford-Smith  


PHIL20046 Feminism Dr Holly Lawford-Smith 2 29 June - 7 July

Semester 2

PHIL10003 Philosophy: The Great Thinkers Dr Knox Peden 1
PHIL20001 Science Reason and Reality Assoc. Professor Howard Sankey 2
PHIL20030 Meaning, Possibility and Paradox Professor Greg Restall 2
PHIL20040 Greek Philosophy Dr Emily Hulme Kozey 2
PHIL20041 Phenomenology and Existentialism Dr Andrew Inkpin Not offered 2020
PHIL20044 The Ethics of Capitalism Dr Dan Halliday 2
PHIL30007 The Philosophy of Philosophy Dr François Schroeter 3
PHIL30047 Objectivity and Value Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 3
PHIL30052 Race and Gender - Philosophical Issues Assoc. Professor Karen Jones 3

Honours / Level 4

PHIL40002 Recent European Philosophy Dr Andrew Inkpin 1
PHIL40013 Uncertainty, Vagueness and Disagreement Professor Greg Restall 1
PHIL40017 Early Modern Philosophy Dr Klaus Jahn 1
PHIL40020 Reading and Writing Philosophy Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 1
PHIL40004 Value Theory Professor Graham Priest 13 July - 25 July
PHIL40003 Topics in Moral Psychology Assoc. Professor Karen Jones 2
PHIL40005   Topics in Metaphysics Dr Dana Goswick 2
PHIL40007 Philosophy of Language and Mind Dr Laura Schroeter 2
PHIL40018 Topics in Contemporary Epistemology Assoc. Professor Howard Sankey 2


PHIL90004 Ethical Theory and Practice Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 1
PHIL90010 Global Justice Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner 1
PHIL90032 Inequality and Public Policy TBA 1
PHIL90009 Violence, War and Terrorism Dr Garry Young 2
PHIL90025 Issues in Bioethics Assoc. Professor Chris Cordner Not offered in 2020
PHIL90027 The Moral Limits of Markets Dr Dan Halliday 2
PHIL90029 Climate Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas Dr Holly Lawford-Smith 2
PHIL90041 The Ethics of Gaming Dr Garry Young 2