The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies was formed in 2011 comprising the programs of History, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy, Classics and Archaeology, and the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation and The Program in Jewish Culture and Society.

The School brings together a lively, engaging and vibrant programme of teaching and research which offers a wide variety of courses and subjects. The School offerings give you an opportunity to extend your knowledge and understanding of your historical interests in a range of diverse contexts, as well as to develop your capacity to analyse, think critically and communicate effectively. The School offers both breadth and depth - covering through its subjects a diversity of times, places and themes which reflect the latest developments in historical research and vocational practice.

The School further explores multi-disciplinary perspectives on ancient Graeco-Roman, Aegean and Near Eastern civilisations including ancient languages. Our Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation investigates new areas and innovative practices in instrumentation and analysis, policy and programs in the area of the preservation of cultural materials.

I welcome you to the School and hope you enjoy your studies with us.

Professor Margaret Cameron