Language Exchange Club

Any student studying a language is welcome to join the program and converse with a native speaker. Come here to make friends, international contacts and improve you language skills naturally!

What is Language Exchange Club?

The Language Exchange Club (LEC) at the University of Melbourne is a student-run, not-for-profit club that provides a social language learning platform for second language learners, from beginner all the way up to advanced or fluent.

Our motto is, “A place for all language learners”. We currently offer weekly classes in various foreign languages, including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Spanish. We aim to create a friendly environment where our members can have fun, meet like-minded people, and experience new cultures - all while learning a second (or third!) language.

Our sessions are run by native or fluent speakers of the language and are targeted at both second language learners looking to start or improve their learning, or native speakers looking to practice their mother tongue. Make friends, establish international contacts and improve your language skills naturally!

We also run a Language Buddies program, where we match you with a learning partner who knows the language you’re learning, and is learning the language you know! That way, you can practice your language skills and meet new people, with the guidance of a native or fluent speaker.

What are the benefits?

  • Make friends with native speakers, and in return, help them out with their second-language study. A win-win!
  • Practice what you learn naturally. Apply what you learn in your lectures in everyday life
  • Struggling to find words? Our sessions encourage casual conversation by providing you with sample topics, interesting words and games and activities

Membership gives you...

  • Unlimited classes for Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, and more
  • Access to our Language Buddies Program
  • Discounted or free entry to LEC events + parties

Our session times and venues

To see our session timetable check out our Facebook or Instagram!


Membership fee: $5 (annual membership) or $3 (single semester)

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