A grammatical description of Marri Ngarr


A grammatical description of Marri Ngarr

PhD confirmation talk:

Marri Ngarr is a highly endangered Australian indigenous language traditionally spoken in the Daly region of the Northern Territory. In this confirmation talk I outline my project, a grammatical description of Marri Ngarr, and also discuss the composition of the bipartite verb construction. This type of construction (common across many Australian languages) is comprised of two verbal elements: one which contributes the majority of the verbal semantics and little else, another which contributes various types of grammatical information but also appears to provide classificatory semantic information about the verb. The semantic role of this element is often unclear. I review the research into the semantics of this classificatory element in neighbouring Daly languages and report what we currently know about it in Marri Ngarr.


  •  Katie Bicevskis
    Katie Bicevskis, The University of Melbourne