Aspects of Lopit Grammar


Aspects of Lopit Grammar

Lopit is an Eastern Nilotic language with an estimated 50,000 speakers, traditionally spoken in South Sudan but also by around 2,000 people in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, probably similar numbers in refugee camps in Uganda, and smaller communities further afield, including around 40 speakers in Melbourne.

This thesis is the first comprehensive study on the grammar of Lopit and follows Rosey Billington’s study of the sound systems of the language.

This talk will present some of the main typological features of the language. These include the tripartite number-marking system, the marked-nominative case system, the use of verbs to express adverbial and adjectival concepts and the complex interaction between aspect, directionals and the inchoative. It will illustrate how Lopit is situated within the Nilotic group of languages.


  •  Jonathan Moodie
    Jonathan Moodie, The University of Melbourne