Topics in Kunbarlang Grammar


Topics in Kunbarlang Grammar

Join us for Vanya Kapitanov's PhD completion talk!

Kunbarlang is a critically endanged polysynthetic language spoken in central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, by approximately 40 people. It belongs to the non-Pama-Nyungan Gunwinyguan family.

This thesis is the first comprehensive description of Kunbarlang, although it builds on and extends important unpublished work by Carolyn Coleman and Joy Kinslow Harris.

Kunbarlang has very rich verbal morphology that includes complex agreement paradigms, composite TMA system that differs from other Gunwinyguan languages, an array of argument derivation tools, and coverb constructions. The nominal domain, on the contrary, has little morphology and relies heavily on syntactic constructions --- for instance, case marking of nouns is analytical.

This talk will give a general overview of the grammar, and then focus on a few selected topics across different areas.


  •  Vanya Kapitanov
    Vanya Kapitanov, The University of Melbourne