Words from the Heart: Emotional Expression from Russian-Australian "1.5ers"


This talk presents the findings of a study analysing the relationship between bilingualism and emotions for a particular category of sequential bilinguals, named in sociology as generation 1.5, or 1.5ers – immigrant children who migrate to a new country during their primary school years. The present study focused on a group of adult Russian-Australian 1.5ers, and examined their preferences for emotional expression, language emotional resonance and use of emotion words. The results of this study contribute to the understanding of this neglected category of bilinguals, and reconfirm their liminal status. Although the speakers investigated for the present research had a similar background and language acquisition trajectories, they showed great heterogeneity in all the aspects investigated. While the sphere of bilingualism and emotions has so far focussed on multilinguals who are dominant in their first language, the results of this study suggest focussing also on speakers who are possibly dominant in a second language, as they might shed new light on the relationship between languages and emotions.


  •  Beatrice Venturin
    Beatrice Venturin, University of Melbourne