Language, Technology, and Communication in Healthcare

Language, Technology and Communication in Healthcare.
Interdisciplinary research and engagement for 21st century healthcare

This symposium brings together interdisciplinary researchers, clinicians, and educators from the Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), as well as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine disciplines (STEMM) to discuss aspects of communication for healthcare in the 21st century.

Themes of the symposium include:
*Health technologies and regenerative medicine
*Communication technologies for health access and equity
*Corpus linguistics and translation of health information
*Discourse approaches to analysing healthcare interactions
*Clinical communication for the health professions
*Team communication and coordinated care

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Date:   Monday 10th Dec, 2018
Time:   1.15pm - 7 pm
Venue: University House, Professors's Walk, University of Melbourne 

Bookings are essential