Samira Saeedi PhD Completion Seminar

You are warmly welcomed to join Samira Saeedi for her PhD completion seminar.

The Role of Translators in Contemporary Iran: New Perspectives on Translation Studies

Translators have always played a significant role in the circulation of ideas. However, they have been deemed to be generally invisible to the Western public. In contemporary Iran, instead, the visibility of translators seems to be the norm. This difference sparked my interest in exploring the reasons behind such a difference.

In particular, my thesis investigates the ways in which contemporary Iranian translators and the publishing market practice collaboration and retranslation while also allowing for the translators themselves to be visible.

By discussing one of the case-studies analysed in my thesis, I will show at least some of the social and cultural dynamics underpinning the key role played by translators in the dissemination and reception of English literary texts in twenty-first century Iran.

Date: 29 August 2019
Time: 2pm
Location: Room 506, Babel (Building 139)