PhD Confirmation Seminars

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics PhD confirmation day 2019

29 November 2019, Room 407 Babel building


10.30-11.00       Jaime G√≥mez Romero (Committee: Carsten, Kellie, Ute)
‘Defining an advanced construct of L2 pragmatics: a test development study’

11.05-11.35      Ozgu Guntekin (Committee: Ute, Sally, Neomy)
‘The development and validation of a diagnostic writing test for learners of Turkish as a foreign language’

11.40-12.10      Medhi Latfi (Committee: Neomy, Janne, Ute)
‘The effectiveness of changing partners and group members in performing collaborative writing tasks’

12.15-12.45      Romina Irribarra Vivanco       (Committee: Carsten, Helen, Neomy)
‘A usage-based approach to second language pragmatics instruction’

12.45-2.00 LUNCH BREAK

2.00-2.30       Leila Zohali (Committee: Ute, Neomy, Kellie)
‘Investigating the pedagogical usefulness of Automated Essay evaluation (AWE) system in academic writing instruction’

2.35-3.05       Jingxuan Wu (Committee: Carsten, Helen, Janne)
‘Development of L2 interactional competence in Mandarin Chinese: comparing role plays and elicited conversations’

3.10-3.40       Catherine Roberts (Committee: Lesley, Janne, Barb)
‘Storytelling in Australia: conversational narratives in multiparty interaction’

3.45-4.15       Yizhou Wang (Committee: Brett, Olga, John H)
‘The role of L1 phonotactics in L2 vowel perception and production: Mandarin learners of English’