Sharing access and analytical tools for ethnographic digital media using high speed networks (2005-2006)

Assoc. Professor Nick Thieberger; Professor Rachel Nordlinger; Professor Gillian Wigglesworth, Professor John Hajek et al
ARC Special Research Initiatives E-Research SR0566965

This project developed a collaborative distributed research environment for humanities research based on ethnographic audiovisual media by bringing together cutting-edge researchers to provide practical solutions to impediments to progress in both ICT and humanities areas. Testbed data was large audiovisual corpora collected by Australian-based e-humanities research projects. The project adapted and implemented web tools for collaborative access to these corpora, building on software developed by CSIRO's Annodex, DSTC's Vannotea and the ANU Internet Futures project, and took advantage of Australia's world-class storage and networking capacity. Interactive use of data is essential for advancing humanities research.