European Studies publications


101 mots pour comprendre l'Australie

McGregor, Andrew. "Cultures: Cinéma," in Brown, Peter and Faberon, Jean-Yves (dir.,). 101 mots pour comprendre l'Australie. Centre de documentation pédagogique de Nouvelle-Calédonie (CDP-NC), 2018.

The 101 mots pour comprendre collection offers small encyclopaedias of popularisation while aiming for scientific excellence. This book devoted to Australia brings together all the fields of knowledge over an immense expanse: a remote history, a disproportionate geography, a diversified sociology, plural policies, an original organisation, and all this against a backdrop of ongoing debates... without forgetting that from a specific point of view, that of the neighbouring archipelago of New Caledonia, it is necessary to know how much Australia counts for all Caledonians. More information...


Motion Pictures: Travel Ideals in Film

Blackwood, G. and McGregor, A. (eds.,). Motion Pictures: Travel Ideals in Film. Peter Lang, 2016.

This volume examines representations and explorations of travel ideals in contemporary international cinema. It assembles work from a diverse range of academic fields including anthropology, sociology, ethnography, cinema, culture, tourism, communication and language studies, with contributions from international experts such as Mary Louise Pratt of New York University, whose work on ‘contact zones’ continues to provide the framework for scholarship on travel writing around the world. More information...


Marriage in Turkish German Popular Culture: States of Matrimony in the New Millennium

Benbow, H. Marriage in Turkish German Popular Culture: States of Matrimony in the New Millennium. Lexington Books, 2015.

This book documents the significance of marriage in 21st-century Turkish-German culture, unpacking its implications not only for the cultural portrayals of those of Turkish background, but also for understandings of German identity. It sheds light on the interactions of gender, sexuality and ethnicity in contemporary Germany. More information...