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La cuisine camerounaise: mots, pratiques et patrimoine

Do, Tess and Mackay, C. "Vision afropéenne de la cuisine camerounaise dans Soulfood équatoriale de Léonora Miano: genre, mémoire et construction nationale," in Bogni, Téguia (ed.,). La cuisine camerounaise: mots, pratiques et patrimoine. Editions Harmattan, 2019.

This book is a compilation of the work of seven researchers in the following disciplines: linguistics, sociology, history, didactics and literature. Some works deal with epistemological and theoretical questions, which open up paths on still unexplored areas of research in food studies in Cameroon. All studies present Cameroonian cuisine as an unknown wealth that the peoples who own it should, first, take advantage of. This work therefore deals with issues related to social science nutrition. More information...

Le Retour du comparant - La métaphore à l'épreuve du temps littéraire

Duché, Véronique. "Un habit à la française". La métaphore vestimentaire dans les paratextes de traductions," in Bonnier, C. and Ferry, A. (eds.,). Le Retour du comparant - La métaphore à l'épreuve du temps littéraire. Classiques Garnier, 2019.

This "season two" is a logical and expected follow-up to the first Parcours du comparant. It offers twenty-three new literary studies on metaphors studied diachronically, some of which extend the ones from the first instalment, while others explore new areas, such as architecture and the cinema. More information...

De Marguerite de Valois à la reine Margot

Duché, Véronique. ""Une princesse si bien acheminee a vertu": Marguerite de Valois dans les traductions," in Viennot, Eliane and Magnien, Catherine (eds.,). De Marguerite de Valois à la reine Margot. Autrice, mécène, inspiratrice. Presses Universitaires de Rennes. Rennes University Press, 2019.

Daughter, sister and wife of five kings of France, Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615) became after her death the first author of a bestseller with her Mémoires, published in 1628, prototype and recognised model of a literary genre fertile ... before being seized by the legend and transformed into "queen Margot". More information...


The Routledge Handbook of Study Abroad Research and Practice

de Saint Leger, Diane and Mullan, Kerry. "A short-term study abroad program: an intensive linguistic and cultural experience on a neighbouring Pacific island," in Sanz, Cristina and Morales-Font, Alfonso. (eds.,). The Routledge Handbook of Study Abroad Research and Practice. Routledge - Taylor & Francis, 2018.

The Routledge Handbook of Study Abroad Research and Practice is an authoritative overview of study abroad and immersive context research specifically situated within applied linguistics and Second Language Acquisition (SLA) for graduate students and researchers in these fields. Featuring contributions from established scholars from around the world, this volume provides in-depth coverage of the theoretical approaches and methodologies used in study abroad and applied linguistics research, and examines their practical implications on program implementation. More information...

Les Histoires tragiques du XVIe siècle - Pierre Boaistuau et ses émules

Duché, Veronique and Manzin, Gregoria. "Traduire les passions dans la sixième des Histoires Tragiques de Pierre Boaistuau," in Arnould, J-C. (ed.,). Les Histoires tragiques du XVIe siècle - Pierre Boaistuau et ses émules. de Classiques Garnier, 2018.

Tragic stories are the largest ensemble of brief storytelling in the sixteenth century. This volume gathers nineteen studies that consider in turn the editorial history, the place in the panorama of narrative forms and the generic, thematic and ethical dimension. More information...

Natura in fabula: Topiques romanesques de l'environnement

Duché, Véronique and Tran-Gervat, Yen-Maï. "Topoï paysagers et réécriture parodique: Don Quichotte dans la Sierra Morena," in Trivisani-Moreau, Isabelle and Postel, Philippe (eds.,). Natura in fabula: Topiques romanesques de l'environnement. Brill, 2018

The papers brought together in Natura in Fabula focus on nature and environment-related issues in the novel, addressing them from the perspective of topics through the identification of recurrent narrative patterns. Nature often functions as a setting with its scenographies and topographies, but it may also embody an entity which man, more than the novel's characters, is to cope with. How do natural topoi work in writing, owing to their malleability or reversibility in a literary text? To what extent do historic turning points impact these topoi, encouraging new ones to emerge? And what kinds of "eco-logics" do they help elaborate regarding man's relation with nature in works of fiction? More information...

PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies

Kurmann, Alexandra and Do, Tess (eds.,). Rencontres: Transdiasporic Encounters in Việt Kiều Literature (Double Issue) PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies Vol 15 No 1-2. UTS ePress, 2018.

This special issue follows a conference entitled 'Rencontres: A Gathering of Voices of the Vietnamese Diaspora' that was held at the University of Melbourne, December 1-2 in 2016 and which sought to enable, for the first time, the titular transdiasporic rencontres or encounters between international authors of the Vietnamese diaspora. The present amalgam of previously unpublished texts written by celebrated Francophone and Anglophone authors of Vietnamese descent writing in France, New Caledonia and Australia today is the result of the intercultural exchanges that took place during that event. More information...

101 mots pour comprendre l'Australie

McGregor, Andrew. "Cultures: Cinéma," in Brown, Peter and Faberon, Jean-Yves (dir.,). 101 mots pour comprendre l'Australie. Centre de documentation pédagogique de Nouvelle-Calédonie (CDP-NC), 2018

The 101 mots pour comprendre collection offers small encyclopaedias of popularisation while aiming for scientific excellence. This book devoted to Australia brings together all the fields of knowledge over an immense expanse: a remote history, a disproportionate geography, a diversified sociology, plural policies, an original organisation, and all this against a backdrop of ongoing debates... without forgetting that from a specific point of view, that of the neighbouring archipelago of New Caledonia, it is necessary to know how much Australia counts for all Caledonians. More information...


Dictionnaire de l'autobiographie. Écritures de soi en langue française
Duché, Veronique. "Pierre de l'Estoile," in Simonet-Tenant, F. (ed.,). Dictionnaire de l'autobiographie. Écritures de soi en langue française. Éditions Champion, 2017.

This dictionary responds to a triple wish: it first intends to establish the balance sheet of several decades of theoretical reflection, more than forty years after the publication of Philippe Lejeune's autobiographical pact (1975). It then aims to map a field of research whose extension is often misunderstood: autobiography in the strict sense, but also, and more generally, the writing of oneself. More information...

À rebours, attraction-désastre, Tome I. Attraction

Bourgeois. Bertrand. "Tirer À rebours vers l'au-delà - Une attraction catholique antinaturaliste," in Solal, J. (dir.,). À rebours, attraction-désastre, Tome I. Attraction. Garnier classiques, 2018.

Avec À rebours, Huysmans écrit son chef-d'oeuvre : récit de la singularité, roman expérimental, oeuvre-somme et livre-phare. Plantant le décor fin-de-siècle, A rebours porte haut la fantaisie et l'ascèse, la floraison des désirs et la soif d'idéal. Avec l'étude d'un cas clinique de névrose Huysmans déconstruit la narration. Il retire de son milieu un sujet pour l'observer hors contexte: comment peut-on vivre souverainement dans la bulle d'une "thébaïde raffinée" dont l'attraction est aussi irrésistible qu'inéluctable le désastre auquel elle prépare? Appariements, affinités, aspirations: le premier volet de ce numéro double scrute ce qui dans le roman fait attraction. More information...


Languages and the First World War: Representation and Memory

Saint Leger, Diane de and Duché, Veronique. "Aussie: Code-Switching in an Australian Soldiers' Magazine - an Overview," in Declercq, C. and Walker, J. (eds.,). Languages and the First World War: Representation and Memory. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

With several terms from the First World War still present in modern speech, Languages and the First World War presents over 30 essays by international academics investigating the linguistic aspects of the 1914-18 conflict. The first of the two volumes covers language change and documentation during the period of the war, while the second examines the representation and the memory of the war. More information...

Motion Pictures: Travel Ideals in Film

Dutton, Jacqueline. "Not Another Road Movie: Alternative Utopias of Travel in "Sans soleil" (1982) and "Sansa" (2003)," in Blackwood, G. and McGregor, Andrew (eds.,). Motion Pictures: Travel Ideals in Film. Peter Lang, 2016.

This volume examines representations and explorations of travel ideals in contemporary international cinema. It assembles work from a diverse range of academic fields including anthropology, sociology, ethnography, cinema, culture, tourism, communication and language studies, with contributions from international experts such as Mary Louise Pratt of New York University, whose work on ‘contact zones’ continues to provide the framework for scholarship on travel writing around the world. More information...

European Writers and Gender in Transnational Context

Bourgeois, Betrand. "Ut pictura poesis : Huysmans, la critique d'art et le poème en prose," in Solal, J. (ed.,). Huysmans et les arts. Lettres Modernes Minard, de Classiques Garnier, 2016.

As an art critic, J.-K. Huysmans is interested in the artists of his time and those of the past. His discourse on painting and the other arts opens him to a free reflection on modernity and on the powers of literature which, like painting, explores its century and escapes from it. More information...


Les Espaces du Livre / Spaces of the Book

Bourgeois, Betrand and Duché, Veronique. "When the reader wanders through the house-book: From Goncourt's La Maison d'un artiste (1881) to Danielewski's House of Leaves (2000)," in Chol, I. and Khalfa, J. (eds.,). Les Espaces du Livre / Spaces of the Book. Peter Lang, 2016.

The astonishing diversity of aesthetic possibilities offered by the book as a material support from the end of the 19th century to the most contemporary experiments, is at the heart of the reflection proposed in this book. The page, the leaflet and the book, the screen too, go beyond the framework of the codex and the bound book (fan book, leporello, collection of posters, book drawn, carved book, exploded book, digital book, etc.) by the heterogeneity of their materials, shapes and formats. More information...

Genre, Text and Language - Mélanges Anne Freadman

Duché, Veronique, Do, Tess and Rizzi, Andrea (eds.,). Genre, Text and Language - Mélanges Anne Freadman. de Classiques Garnier,, 2015.

To pay tribute to the work of Professor Anne Freadman, twenty-three specialists are exploring the question of gender here. The fields of education (in particular that of Indigenous or foreign languages), semiotics, linguistics or literature are thus approached. More information...