Horwood Recording Studio

Need to record interviews or voiceover work? Find out more about hiring our studio. The aim of the Horwood recording studio is to make sure that you can record in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. No matter what your idea, please contact us to see how we can assist you.

Features and benefits

  • The studio is designed mainly for voice over work or to host interviews with up to four people, but we can also record small music ensembles as well
  • Our rooms have been acoustically treated to optimise the environment for vocal work by the professionals at Sound Acoustics in Melbourne
  • We have the capability to record virtually anyone from anywhere in the world as we can record either via phone, skype or directly to other ISDN equipped studios (such as the BBC in London), which provides quality that is almost equal to the person being in our own studio
  • We can perform recordings for phonetic research as well as language documentation.
  • All recordings are produced to the industry standard protocols, and we can provide you with a recording in any format you require
Horwood recording studio control room
Horwood recording studio recording room

Technical specifications

  • 4 x Charter Oak E700 condenser microphones.
  • 2 x Aphex 1100 mkII dual valve pre amps
  • 2 x BSS DPR-402 Dual Compressor/De-Esser/Limiter
  • 1 x Tieline Commander G3 for ISDN
  • 1 x Comrex unit for phone


$110 per hour inclusive of engineer (+ GST for clients outside of the University of Melbourne)


Room W133, Level 1, John Medley West (Buiding 191)
+61 3 9348 0666
+61 3 9348 1024
Tieline Commander G3 codec
L2 Mono 64 at 64kb/sec @ 48kHz


Booking Contact
Gavin Nebauer
+61 3 8344 5195