Justice through Conflict; Conflict through Justice symposium

A conversation between scholars, practitioners, activists and community organisations working with histories of violence

24 - 25 October 2016

Registration for the conference is now open

This two-day symposium brings together exemplary scholars, practitioners, policymakers, activists, policymakers and community members to consider the complexities of living with conflict across a range of societies.

Through plenary panels, conversations and performance, we will collectively explore the endurance of conflict and the imperatives of justice in places such as Australia, South Africa, Cambodia, East Timor, Northern Ireland, United States, Africa, and Greece. And we will consider the lessons learned by thinkers and activists in these jurisdictions who have struggled with questions of how to think about conflict and justice in societies with histories of violence.

For more information, programme and registration details please visit the Justice through Conflict; Conflict through Justice symposium web page.