Sessional tutors required for Semester 1 2016

Sessional tutors are required for numerous subjects in Semester 1, 2016.

Application Close Monday 11th January 2016. Apply now

Semester 1, 2016

First Year
DEVT10001 The Developing World
INTS10001 International Politics
MULT10018 Power
SOCI10001 Understanding Society
SOLS10001 Law in Society
Second Year
ANTH20001 Keeping the Body in Mind
ANTH20012 Engaging the World in Theory and Practice
CRIM20002 Criminal Law and Political Justice
GEND20003 Genders, Bodies, Borders
MULT20003 Critical Analytical Skills
MULT20008 Australian Indigenous Politics
POLS20011 The Politics of Sex
POLS20023 Comparative Politics
SOCI20007 Terrorism: Shifting Paradigms
SOTH20002 Modernity: Foundations of Sociology
Third Year
ANTH30004 Anthropology of Kinship and Family
ANTH30005 Power, Ideology and Inequality
ANTH30015 Critical Anthropological Theory
CRIM30006 Crime & Culture
CRIM30011 Young People, Crime and Justice
MULT30017 Indigenous People and Social Control
POLS30011 Chinese Politics & Society
POLS30015 International Gender Politics
POLS30018 European Integration: Politics of the EU
POLS30031 Contemporary India
SOCI30001 Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOCI30009 Living in a Risk Society
SOCI30010 Social Differences and Inequalities
SOLS30001 Law in Social Theory
Honours/Masters (may require teaching/seminar assistants)
ANTH90004Migration and Development
DEVT90001Project Management and Design
DEVT90045Socio-economic Development
DEVT90053Intervening In Development
GEND90006Gender, Globalisation and Development
POLS40013Social Science Research Seminar
POLS40017Social Policy and Development
POLS90012Trade Policy Politics and Governance
POLS90028International Relations Theory
POLS90034International Policy making in Practice
PPMN90006Public Management 25 points
PPMN90007 Policy Design and Implementation