Talks and Masterclasses

The Future of Work

Helps employers and employees across a range of ages and stages to understand key and critical future of work trends and the associated skills to ensure their preparation for major shifts in the future of work.

Technological change, social and demographic transformations, climate change, and the continued impact of COVID-19 are shifting how, when, where and who works. In response to these trends, workplaces and employees will need to constantly adapt to this rapid and increasingly complex digital and demographic evolution. These trends will have impacts on industries, jobs and skills, with some industries set for growth and nuanced skills shifts being predicted. Women will be disproportionately impacted by some of these trends.

The future of work will be about complementarity - bringing together hard and human skills - to ensure innovation, collaboration and creativity in the future of work. Understanding these changes and building capacity in these skills can enhance employability and position workers for the future of work.

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Mental Load

Helps employers and employees understand the impact of the mental load on burnout and mental health amongst their employees.

Mothers and caregivers carry greater mental loads which have intensified post-pandemic and led to employee burn-out and attrition. But, the mental load is not a problem of mothers alone with all employees carrying mental loads of varying heaviness.

This talk provides the latest empirical data on the mental load – the emotional thinking work – that often derives from home-life but is intensified by the challenges posed by managing hybrid, flexible and remote workforces. We underscore emerging solutions to help employees, especially those with caregiving responsibilities, manage their mental loads and engage more equally in work.

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Understanding and Correcting (Gender) Data Bias

Underscores that organisations need up to date research findings about gender bias and their data to ensure effective decision-making.

We live in a world where decisions are increasingly being decided by data. This ranges from how we describe workplace success to who we select for jobs. As we increasingly rely on data, automation and AI to make decisions, how do we ensure we are not excluding certain groups in the workplace? This masterclass will help understand how to locate these types and sources of bias in data, using gender as a case study.

In this talk and masterclasses participants will be introduced to the ways data drives big and small decision-making and how bias, specifically gender bias, can influence the data in overt and covert ways.

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Testimonials by past participants

This was a masterclass in how to do a masterclass! Best investment of my time that I've had for awhile! Presenter was top–notch, the level of interactivity was spot–on and the commitment of time was perfect.

The topic was relatable and talking points / tips practical. The presentation style was conversational, and easy to listen too during this lunch session.

These courses have been delivered to Asia Development Bank, Clyde and Co, ANZSOG, Accenture, Woolworths, ACER and ATEM.