Membership is free and enables members to connect, stay updated on research and events on Myanmar, share information, and develop partnerships within and beyond the University of Melbourne.

As a member of MRN, you will get the following privileges:

  1. Be included in the MRN mailing list and receive information on Myanmar-related research, events, and so on,
  2. Be able to connect and network with other members,
  3. Be featured on MRN website, if you desire,
  4. Be able to share research, publications, discussions and ideas through the MRN website,
  5. Have access to MRN database of Research Assistants with expertise relevant to research in Myanmar, upon request.

If you want to join MRN and/or be featured on our website, please fill the membership form via this link.


  1. If you would also like to be featured on our website, please provide consent in the ‘MRN Membership Form’ and send through a high-resolution picture of yourself along with this form.
  2. Read the “MRN Guidelines for Social Platforms”.
  3. Send completed forms and photos to



PDF: MRN Guidelines for Social Platforms 1.0