Second TANPEAR Policy Report

Our second policy report comes at an important moment for both Australia and the EU. The Framework Agreement is one of two important steps towards deeper engagement. The second is the advanced negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), (with five rounds of negotiations having been completed thus far). Taken together, the Framework Agreement and FTA negotiations represent substantial pathways toward deeper bilateral ties. These developments are significant within the current geostrategic environment of threats to the effectiveness of the global rules based order and tensions among major powers. This tension has seen some major powers retreat from multilateral cooperation towards unilateral action and move towards protectionist policies in lieu of further liberalising trade relations. At a time of increasing transnational challenges, cooperation among ‘likeminded’ partners such as the EU and Australia remains crucial.

This policy report examines prospects for deeper engagement between the EU and Australia. Although it does not examine all aspects of the bilateral relationship, it provides a set of recommendations for future engagement and moving the relationship beyond the current level of interaction.

The second Policy Report is available for download by clicking this link.