Individualised supported living

Exploring the application of choice and self-determination with respect to the housing aspirations of people with intellectual disability (ID), and their realisation of these aspirations.

The suburbs of Melbourne


The Individualised Supported Living framework was created from the perspectives of people with Intellectual Disability (ID) seeking innovative accommodation options that support choice and self-determination. The framework was developed from a body of research supported by a collaboration led by Curtin University in partnership with Sydney University and the University of Melbourne. The ISL manual was developed over three stages, with the third stage supported by an Australian Research Council linkages grant enabling a large-scale evaluation across Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

The project has involved working with industry partners, Arts Teaching Innovation, Learning Environments and Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE) to co-develop the ISL curriculum framework. The framework aims to build the capacity of NDIS service practitioners to support people with ID, their informal and formal networks, to develop, evaluate and review the quality of their individual living arrangements.


We aim to:

  • Evaluate the efficacy of the Individualised Supported Living professional development training program
  • Build the capacity of NDIS service practitioners to build, deliver, and evaluate individualised living arrangements that promote the experience of choice and self-determination of people with intellectual disability

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Project details


Able Australian

Project team

Professor Keith McVilly
Dr Allison Creed
Ms Gemma Dodevska
Dr Meredith Prain


Professor Keith McVilly