Migration and Mobility Research Network (MMRN)

The Migration and Mobility Research Network (MMRN) initiative brings together a group of interdisciplinary researchers to focus on issues of migration, mobility, diversity and multiculturalism.
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Migration in the 21st century is a pervasive and diversified phenomenon, outgrowing its name. Settler migration remains an Australian issue of great consequence. The word ‘mobility’ was therefore added to reflect the contemporary variety of human movements. The fast-growing phenomenon of professionals in temporary migration and the swelling international student numbers are just two of the ‘new’ types of mobility.

Migration and mobility are also associated with many other complex issues such as ethnic diversity, identity, nationalism, diaspora, transnationalism, globalisation, racism, settlement, multiculturalism, urbanisation, cross-cultural communication, labour and housing markets, refugee protection, cosmopolitanism, citizenship, etc.


The interdisciplinary MMRN group consists of researchers from Melbourne’s universities, policymakers, government and NGO representatives, and research students. This network is a forum for:

  • academics to forge research collaborations
  • research students to find supervisors
  • researchers to meet potential collaborators from the government and NGO sectors
  • government and NGO representatives to develop research connections.

Launched in January 2009, the MMRN meets on the last Friday of each month. MMRN meetings consist of research seminars followed by networking opportunities. Meeting formats may vary at times to include round-tables and workshops. The MMRN is also open to ideas from members. Anyone with an interest in migration, mobility, diversity and multiculturalism is welcome to join. Please sign up for our mailing list.