Public Sector Reform in the Middle East and North Africa: Lessons of Experience for a Region in Transition

El-Massnaoui, Khalid and Biygautane, Mhamed. “Downsizing the Public Sector: Morocco’s Voluntary Retirement Program,” in Beschel Jr., Robert P. and Yousef, Tarik M. (eds.,). Public Sector Reform in the Middle East and North Africa: Lessons of Experience for a Region in Transition. Brookings Institution Press, 2021.

Political upheavals and civil wars in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have obscured efforts by many countries in the region to reform their public sectors.

This book offers a comprehensive assessment of a wide range of reform efforts in nine countries. In six cases the reforms targeted core systems of government: Jordan’s restructuring of cabinet operations, the Palestinian Authority’s revision of public financial management, Morocco’s voluntary retirement program, human resource management reforms in Lebanon, an e-governance initiative in Dubai, and attempts to improve transparency in Tunisia. Five other reform efforts tackled line departments of government, among them Egypt’s attempt to improve tax collection and Saudi Arabia’s work to improve service delivery and bill collection. More information...

Companion to Feminist Studies

Rosewarne, Lauren. “Radical and Cultural Feminisms,” in Naples, Nancy A. (ed.,). Companion to Feminist Studies. Wiley-Blackwell, 2021.

Companion to Feminist Studies provides a broad overview of the rich history and the multitude of approaches, theories, concepts, and debates central to this dynamic interdisciplinary field. Comprehensive yet accessible, this edited volume offers expert insights from contributors of diverse academic, national, and activist backgrounds – discussing contemporary research and themes while offering international, postcolonial, and intersectional perspectives on social, political, cultural, and economic institutions, social media, social justice movements, everyday discourse, and more. More information...