The University of Melbourne’s partnership with Scope Australia aims to improve the lives of individuals living with disabilities through research and the promotion of programs that empower them.

The Scope – University of Melbourne partnership

The University of Melbourne and Scope Australia collaborate on a range of research, engagement, and teaching and learning to improve the lives of people with disability and their families. Our partnership with Scope Australia extends beyond the University, and we engage with people with disabilities and their families in the community and collaborate with other leading service providers and government agencies.

We collaborate in the development and delivery of educational opportunities that are inclusive of people with disability and which are informed by the lived experience of people with disability. We also work together on research projects, with a commitment to the highest levels of rigour and scholarship.


About Scope Australia

Disabled women with flowers

Scope Australia, established in 1948, is one of the largest providers of disability services in Australia. It supports more than 6000 people with a disability in Victoria through a range of services including accommodation, mobility support, communication support, recreation/leisure and specialised therapy services.

Scope has a long-standing commitment to implementing evidence-based practice and advocacy and, importantly, to generating the evidence to inform its practice and advocacy. As part of its commitment to evidence-based practice and thought leadership in the community services sector, Scope Australia has a 5-year partnership with the University of Melbourne

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