Journal articles

List of journal articles by academics of the Comparative Network on Refugee Externalisation Policies


  • Dastyari, A. and Hirsch, A.L. 2019, "The Ring of Steel: Extraterritorial Migration Controls in Indonesia and Libya and the Complicity of Australia and Italy," in Human Rights Law Review, forthcoming
  • Hirsch, A.L., Hoang, K. and Vogl, A. 2019, "Australia's Private Refugee Sponsorship Program: Creating Complementary Pathways or Privatising Humanitarianism?," in Refuge, forthcoming
  • Tubakovic, T. 2019, "The Failure of Regional Refugee Protection and Responsibility Sharing: Policy Neglect in the EU and ASEAN," in Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, forthcoming


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  • Ferri, F. 2018, ""Codice di condotta delle ONG" e diritti dei migranti: tra diritto internazionale applicabile e carenze dell'attuale approccio UE in tema di migrazioni," in Diritti umani e diritto internazionale, no. 1, pp. 189-198
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  • Rae, M., Holman, R. and Nethery, A. 2018, "Self-represented witnessing: the use of social media by asylum seekers in Australia’s offshore immigration detention centres," in Media, Culture and Society, vol. 40, no. 4, pp. 479-495


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