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Reckoning with the Past

Barnwell, Ashley and Cummins, Joseph. Reckoning with the Past: Family Historiographies in Postcolonial Australian Literature. Routledge, 2019.

This is the first book to examine how Australian fiction writers draw on family histories to reckon with the nation’s colonial past. Located at the intersection of literature, history, and sociology, it explores the relationships between family storytelling, memory, and postcolonial identity. With attention to the political potential of family histories, Reckoning with the Past argues that authors’ often autobiographical works enable us to uncover, confront, and revise national mythologies. More information...

Youth, Risk, Routine

Bengtsson, Tea Torbenfeldt and Ravn, Signe. Youth, Risk, Routine: A New Perspective on Risk-Taking in Young Lives. Routledge, 2018.

Youth, Risk, Routine introduces a new approach to risk-taking activities as being an integral and routinised part of young people's everyday life. By applying social theories of practice, this insightful volume presents a framework for understanding the routinised dimensions of young people's engagement in risk-taking and how this is embedded in, intertwined with, and held in place by other everyday practices. More information…

Grandparenting practices around the world: Reshaping family

Craig, Lyn. "The Composition of Grandparent Childcare: Gendered Patterns in Cross-national Perspective," in Timonen, Virpi (ed.,). Grandparenting practices around the world: Reshaping family. University of Chicago Press, 2019.

Grandparenting Practices Around the World presents an in-depth and up-to-date analysis of the increasing numbers of grandparents worldwide who co-exist and interact for longer periods of time with their grandchildren. The book contains analyses of topics that have so far received relatively little attention, such as transnational grandparenting and gender differences in grandparenting practices. More information...

Research Methodologies for Auto/biography Studies

Douglas, Kate and Barnwell, Ashley (eds.,). Research Methodologies for Auto/biography Studies. Routledge, 2019.

The essays in this collection position auto/biography as a key discipline for modelling interdisciplinary approaches to methodology and ask: what original and important thinking can auto/biography studies bring to discussions of methodology for literary studies and beyond? And how does the diversity of methodological interventions in auto/biography studies build a strong and diverse research discipline? More information...

Relating Worlds of Racism

Essed, P., Farquharson, K., Pillay, K. and White, E.J. (eds.,). Relating Worlds of Racism: Dehumanisation, Belonging, and the Normativity of European Whiteness. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.

This international edited collection examines how racism trajectories and manifestations in different locations relate and influence each other. The book unmasks and foregrounds the ways in which notions of European Whiteness have found form in a variety of global contexts that continue to sustain racism as an operational norm resulting in exclusion, violence, human rights violations, isolation and limited full citizenship for individuals who are not racialised as White. More information...

Dualisation of Part-Time Work

Yerkes, M. And Hewitt, B. "Part-time strategies of women and men of childbearing age in the Netherlands and Australia," in Nicolaisen, Heidi; Kavli, Hanne and Jensen, Ragnhild Steen (eds.,). Dualisation of Part-Time Work: The Development of Labour Market Insiders and Outsiders. Policy Press, 2019.

This book brings together leading international authors from a number of fields to provide an up-to-date understanding of part-time work at national, sector, industry and workplace levels. The contributors critically examine part-time employment in different institutional settings across Europe, the USA, Australia and Korea. More information…


Biggs, Simon; Haapala, Irja and Carr, Ashley. Dementia in the public domain : a guide to voice, age and campaigning. University of Melbourne, 2018.

The Cambridge Handbook of the Global Work-Family Interface

Craig, Lyn and Habgood, Ruth. "Cultural Considerations in the Division of Labor," in Shockley, Kirsten; Shen, Winny and Johnson, Ryan (eds.,). The Cambridge Handbook of the Global Work-Family Interface. Cambridge University Press, 2018.

The Cambridge Handbook of the Global Work-Family Interface is a response to growing interest in understanding how people manage their work and family lives across the globe. Given global and regional differences in cultural values, economies, and policies and practices, research on work-family management is not always easily transportable to different contexts. More information…

Handbook on Gender and Social Policy

Hewitt, Belinda and Brady, M. "Making and Unmaking Families," in Shaver, Sheila (ed.,). Handbook on Gender and Social Policy. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018.

After two decades of feminist challenges to mainstream theorising, gender has become a central element of social policy and the welfare state. A new literature has widened the focus of social policy from state and economy to a three-sided discourse encompassing the state, the market and the family. The Handbook on Gender and Social Policy provides a comprehensive introduction to this field with up-to-date accounts of debates and innovative original research by leading international authors. More information...

Australian media and the politics of belonging

Nolan, David, Farquharson, Karen and Marjoribanks, Timothy (eds.,). Australian media and the politics of belonging. Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Australian Media and the Politics of Belonging explores mediated debates about belonging in contemporary Australia by combining research that proposes conceptual and historical frameworks for understanding the concept in the Australian context. A range of themes and case studies make the book a significant conceptual resource as well as a much-needed update on work in this area. More information…

Market Research: The Process, Data, and Methods Using Stata

Mooi, Erik; Sarstedt, Marko and Mooi-Reci, Irma. Market Research: The Process, Data, and Methods Using Stata. Springer-Verlag, 2018.

This book is an easily accessible and comprehensive guide which helps make sound statistical decisions, perform analyses, and interpret the results quickly using Stata. It includes advanced coverage of ANOVA, factor, and cluster analyses in Stata, as well as essential regression and descriptive statistics. It is aimed at those wishing to know more about the process, data management, and most commonly used methods in market research using Stata. More information…

Security, Race, Biopower: Essays on Technology and Corporeality

Pocius, Joshua . "Of Bodies, Borders and Barebacking: The Geocorpographies of HIV," in Randell-Moon, Holly and Tippet, Ryan (eds.,). Security, Race, Biopower: Essays on Technology and Corporeality. Palsgrave Macmillan, 2016.

This book explores how technologies of media, medicine, law and governance enable and constrain the mobility of bodies within geographies of space and race. Each chapter describes and critiques the ways in which contemporary technologies produce citizens according to their statistical risk or value in an atmosphere of generalised security, both in relation to categories of race, and within the new possibilities for locating and managing bodies in space. More information…


What if Culture was Nature all Along?

Barnwell, Ashley. "Method Matters: The Ethics of Exclusion," in Kirby, Vicki (ed.,). What if Culture was Nature all Along? Edinburgh University Press, 2017.

New materialisms argue for a more science friendly humanities, ventilating questions about methodology and subject matter and the importance of the non-human. However, these new sites of attention – climate, biology, affect, geology, animals and objects - tend to leverage their difference against language and the discursive... While this collection of essays is in kinship with this radical shake-up of how and what we study, the aim is to re-navigate what constitutes materiality. More information...

Negotiating Ageing: Cultural Adaptation to the Prospect of a Long Life

Biggs, Simon. Negotiating Ageing: Cultural Adaptation to the Prospect of a Long Life. Routledge, 2017.

The world is growing older and this is a historically unprecedented phenomenon. Negotiating such change, personally, socially and for governments and international organisations requires an act of cultural adaptation. Two key questions arise: What is the purpose of a long life? and How do we adapt to societies where generations are of approximately the same size? In this book Simon Biggs discusses ways of interrogating these questions and the adaptations we make to them. More information…

Gender and Time Use in a Global Context

Craig, Lyn et al. "Is it just too hard? Gender time symmetry in market and nonmarket work and subjective time pressure in Australia, Finland, and Korea," in Connelly, Rachel and Kongar, Ebru (eds.,). Gender and Time Use in a Global Context: The Economics of Employment and Unpaid Labor. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

This edited volume uses a feminist approach to explore the economic implications of the complex interrelationship between gender and time use. Household composition, sexuality, migration patterns, income levels, and race/ethnicity are all considered as important factors that interact with gender and time use patterns. More information…

Critical Reflections on Migration, 'Race' and Multiculturalism

Farquharson, Karen, Nolan, David and Marjoribanks, Timothy. "'Race' and the lived experiences of Australians of Sudanese background," in Boese, Martina and Marotta, Vince (eds.,). Critical Reflections on Migration, 'Race' and Multiculturalism: Australia in a Global Context. Routledge, 2017.

Migration and its associated social practices and consequences have been studied within a multitude of academic disciplines and in the context of policies at local, national and regional level. This edited collection provides an introduction and critical review of conceptual developments and policy contexts of migration scholarship within an Australian and global context. More information...

Performative Citizenship Public Art, Urban Design, and Political Participation

Holleran, Max and Holleran, S. "Pop-up Engagement: Design Thinking, Museum 'Labs,' and Urban Problem-Solving," in Iannelli, Laura and Musarò, Pierluigi (eds.,). Performative Citizenship Public Art, Urban Design, and Political Participation. Mimesis International, 2017.

The book moves from the first outcomes of a two-years interdisciplinary research programme on the Italian contemporary Public Art, funded by the Sardinia Region (Italy). Moving beyond the traditional ladders of formal citizen participation to territory governance, the research investigates how public artists have involved citizens in creative performances that aim to modify citizens’ perceptions of the places where they live, to create new relations within and toward the territory, and to transform (often temporarily) the physical spaces. More information...


Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparison

Biggs, Simon et al. "Age Friendliness, Childhood, and Dementia: Toward Generationally Intelligent Environments," in Moulaert, Thibauld and Garon, Suzanne (eds.,). Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in International Comparison. Springer-Verlag, 2016.

The supportive role of urban spaces in active ageing is explored on a world scale in this unique resource, using the WHO’s Age-Friendly Cities and Community model. Case studies from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and elsewhere demonstrate how the model translates to fit diverse social, political, and economic realities across cultures and continents, ways age-friendly programs promote senior empowerment, and how their value can be effectively assessed. More information...

Multigenerational Family Living

Craig, Lyn and Powell, A. "Housework, intergenerational dependency and challenges to traditional gender roles," in Liu, Edgar and Easthope, Hazel (eds.,). Multigenerational Family Living: Evidence and Policy Implications from Australia. Routledge, 2016.

The book sheds fresh light on a range of structural and social drivers that have led multigenerational families to cohabit and the ways in which families negotiate the dynamic interactions amongst these drivers in their everyday lives. It critically examines factors such as demographics, the environment, culture and family considerations of identity, health, care and well-being, revealing how such factors reflect (and are reflected by) a retracting welfare state and changing understandings of families in an increasingly mobile world. More information…

Qualitative Social Research

Farquharson, Karen; Waller, Vivienne and Dempsey, Deborah. Qualitative Social Research: Contemporary Methods for the Digital Age. Sage Publications, 2016.

Qualitative Social Research employs an accessible approach to present the multiple ways in which criticism enhances research practice. Packed full of relevant, 'real world' examples, it showcases the strengths and pitfalls of each research method, integrating the philosophical groundings of qualitative research with thoughtful overviews of a range of commonly used methods. More information...

Young Lives

Pedersen, Mads Uffe and Ravn, Signe (eds.,). Unge liv. Tilhør og udfordringer Young Lives. Barriers and belonging. Unipress, 2016.

In Young Lives, a number of professionals explore the complexities of young people's lives and show, among other things, that the distinction between "normal" and "vulnerable" young people may not be as hard as the newspapers make us believe. More information…


Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Drobni, S. and Ruppanner, L. "Gender Inequalities in the Home," in Scott, Robert A., Buchmann, Marlis C. and Kossly, Stephen M. (eds.,). Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: An Interdisciplinary, Searchable, and Linkable Resource. John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2015.

A major new reference work, Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: Interdisciplinary Perspectives contains individual essays from both established scholars and rising stars. Links in each entry direct users to other relevant entries, often in other disciplines and specialties, thereby creating an intelligent multidimensional system of cross-referencing. More information…

Family Formation in 21st Century Australia

Hewitt, Belinda. "Relationship dissolution," in Heard, Genevieve, and Arunachalam, Dharmalingam (eds.,). Family Formation in 21st Century Australia. Springer-Verlag, 2015.

This book provides a detailed, up-to-date snapshot of Australian family formation, answering such questions as 'what do our families look like?' and 'how have they come to be this way?' The book applies sociological insights to a broad range of demographic trends, painting a comprehensive picture of the changing ways in which Australians are creating families. More information...

Interrogating Conceptions of vulnerable youth in theory policy

Muir, K., Jenkins, B. and Craig, Lyn. "Young People on or Over the Neet Cliff Edge," in te Riele, Kitty and Gorur, Radhika (eds.,). Interrogating Conceptions of "Vulnerable Youth" in Theory, Policy and Practice. Springer-Verlag, 2015.

Young people who are considered 'vulnerable' or 'at risk' are a particular target of various policies, schemes and interventions. But what does vulnerability mean? Interrogating Conceptions of "Vulnerable Youth" explores this question in relation to various policy fields that are relevant to young people, as well for how this plays out in practice and how it is experienced by young people themselves. More information…

Routledge Handbook of Families in Asia

Ruppanner, Leah. "Working Couples: the Dual Income Family," in Quah, Stella R. (ed.,). Routledge Handbook of Families in Asia. Routledge, 2015.

Research on the family has expanded considerably across Asia but studies tend to be fragmented, focusing on narrow issues within limited areas (cities, towns, small communities) and may not be accessible to international readers. These limitations make it difficult for researchers, students, policy makers, and practitioners to obtain the information they need. The Routledge Handbook of Families in Asia fills that gap by providing a current and comprehensive analysis of Asian families by a wide range of experts in a single publication. More information…

The State and the Grassroots: Immigrant Transnational Organizations in Four Continents

Zhou, M. and Lee, Renie. "Traversing ancestral and New Homelands: Chinese immigrant transnational organizations in the United States," in Portes, Alejandro and Fernández-Kelly, Patricia (eds.,). The State and the Grassroots: Immigrant Transnational Organizations in Four Continents. Berghahn Books, 2015.

Whereas most of the literature on migration focuses on individuals and their families, this book studies the organizations created by immigrants to protect themselves in their receiving states. Comparing eighteen of these grassroots organizations formed across the world, from India to Colombia to Vietnam to the Congo, researchers from the United States, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Spain focus their studies on the internal structure and activities of these organizations as they relate to developmental initiatives.