Are Work Family Policies Good or Bad for Gender Inequality? Cross-National Perspectives

Speakers: Professor Judith Treas (University of California Irvine) and Professor Michelle Budig (University of Massachusetts)


Family policies are a crux of welfare state offerings aimed at encouraging maternal employment and closing the gender wage gap. A range of studies have documented welfare state regimes using family friendly policies as a central organizing unit. Yet, these policies have a range of intended and unintended effects.

This session will look at women's status in a range of countries with different family policy regimes. Professor Judy Treas will provide updates on her recent cross-national research on women's status in the home. This will provide insight into how family policies reproduce and alleviate gender inequality within families. Professor Michelle Budig will discuss how women's economic opportunities vary across family friendly welfare states. The session will address the main question: are family friendly welfare policies enough?