Trapped Between Supply and Demand

Speakers: Dr Jennifer Brinkerhoff (George Washington University) and Dr Derick Brinkerhoff (George Washington University)


A functioning state capable of sound governance is key to providing citizens with security, effective public services, socioeconomic opportunity, and legitimate institutions. What works in reforming governance? Is there a balance between supply and demand? What lies beyond the pendulum trap? How can technical solutions on both the supply and demand sides take account of the role of politics? Where does individual agency, people's personalities, motivations, capacities, and resources fit in pursuing governance reforms? What kinds of results are reasonable to expect from external support for reforms?

These are some of the questions the presenters will reflect upon as they explore the dynamics of governance reform strategies, processes, and mechanisms, drawing upon their research and practical experience.

Dr Jennifer Brinkerhoff is a Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, George Washington University.Dr Derick Brinkerhoff is Distinguished Fellow in International Public Management with RTI International, and Associate Faculty at the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University.