Holding States and Corporations to Account

Holding States and Corporations to Account: Successes and Challenges in Redress for Human Rights Abuses

How do we hold governments and corporations to account for human rights abuse?

This panel will feature experts engaged in seeking accountability for human rights abuses by states and corporations from the perspectives of both strategic litigation and campaigning.

It will explore how the law is increasingly called upon by individuals and communities to hear evidence of the harm perpetrated by governments and corporations, for example against citizens in detention, through corporate and business activities, and under colonial rule.

It will also consider how other strategies beyond the courts are used to try to prevent such abuses occurring in the first place, and how law and legal institutions are used strategically to create accountability both against our corporations and our governments.

Panelists include Keren Adams (Human Rights Law Centre), Richard Hermer (QC, Matrix Chambers), and Shen Narayanasamy (GetUp!). The panel is hosted by the School of Social and Political Science's Research Cluster on Conflict, Development and Justice together with the Human Rights Law Centre and the Australian Corporate Accountability Network (ACAN).